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Data In Action

Get the metrics to lead a strong sustainable culture founded in mindfulness and steeped in peak performance. Data collection and action planning to take your company culture to the next level.   

Mindfulness in leadership styles Authentic leadership is mindfulness leadership

Leading strength based organizations 

    Strengths based testing allows individuals to see what workplace strengths they excel in naturally.  These results are then used to teach individuals how to implement the findings as an advantage in the workplace and for the organization as a whole to properly assign and direct tasks. It is a great source of finding hidden talents and skills that are not being utilized. With a focus on the strengths of the organization, a cultural change in made, with deficiencies being eliminated or more easily resolved. An emphasis on employee strengths creates intrinsic motivation and an engaged thriving workplace.

Enhancing Flow States at work 

    Flow state inventories allow individuals to see the areas they exceed and are depleted in the workplace.  Individualized strategies are then provided to raise elements of the flow state in the workplace as well as aid in flow state recovery.

Authentic leadership is

mindful leadership

Mindfulness in leadership styles 

    Authentic leadership is mindful leadership. A leadership assessment allows leadership to see what traits and styles are best fits for each individual,  then assists in adding authentic and mindful leadership to each style. From that point the leadership can cultivate mindfulness within the organization with a top down approach.


In the workplace, this short-term peak experience is noted by the three elements of absorption, work enjoyment, and intrinsic work motivation (Bakker, 2005).

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