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 Neuro hacking

Activate the body - Activate the mind

 Add mind-body training to your culture and set your team up for super performance.   

FlowMind Yoga™ and Micro Dosing Flow enables you to rapidly tap into your consciousness and use neurohacking techniques to improve mental wellness kick start your "feel good" chemistry and strengthen your company's mental muscle. 

Brain training that helps you reach your big hairy audacious goals while keeping it real by staying present and avoiding burn out. 


 Learn habits of high performing teams, how to direct your mind, flush your brain with nutrients and reward chemistry, and take a journey through the brain waves where peak performance exists. 

  FlowMind Yoga™ - Say Yes to Stress

At a team level in the workplace, those teams that the members were able to enter into the flow state not only had an improved outcome of tasks, but were more engaged in the process of completing the task (Heyne et al., 2011).

FlowMind Yoga™ Classes

       Want your team to be more focused, present, and engaged at work?  Get strong and switched on with FlowMind Yoga™ that activates the body- mind complex, upgrading your bio software rewiring neural networks so you can say yes to stress.  Neuroplasticity  meets power with the fusion of neuromuscular activation and yoga techniques to sculpt a strong body and mind, fire up your core, and connect your culture through mindfulness.

Micro-dosing Flow™ Classes

       Want to reduce stress, be more productive, and generally feel happier?

Free yourself from the limitations of the mind and identity that rob you of elite performance.  Activate the mind-body connection and strengthen your “mental-muscle“ as a company. Hit the brain gym with Flow Specific guided imagery, visualization, rotation of consciousness, breathing, and meditation techniques that will leave you feeling focused, grounded and invigorated. Flow-hacks go deep quickly, giving you the tools to manage pain and stress without relying on pills and coffee to get you through your day.

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