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Mindfulness in the workplace

  • 3 hr
  • Deep Dive
  • Zoom

Service Description

Leading a strengths based organization through mindfulness and optimization. Business problems are life problems that come to work, making work-life balance strategies a top priority. Imagine an organization that there is a sense of calmness despite the storm of everyday stressors. A place that individuals are grounded and resilient when the unexpected change hurls itself into the day. Mindfulness is a buzz word that is heard often of late, but has been in practice for centuries. The use of mindfulness has been found to reduce stress, increase peak performance, and cultivate elite teams. Learning a variety of methods to mindfulness allows each person to have a mental tool box for nearly any stress in any situation. A healthier you can start at work and carry into all areas of your life.

Contact Details

+ 415 971 9133

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