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Empowering Individuals and

High performing teams

Elite Synergy Strategies


Elite Synergy Sessions

Empower your organization 


Cultivate mindfulness and Flow State in the workplace with Elite Synergy Strategies. Be innovative with synergy sessions that onboard a growth mindset and a Conscious Corporate Culture 

Mind Body Training

Update your Bio software 


Activate neural networks and reprogram yourself for a lifestyle of peak performance. 

Neurohacking - Focus to Flow with

FlowMind Yoga™

Team Flow Events

Take your team to new heights


Full sensory embodiment 

team engagement that will blow your mind! 


Data In Action

Lead a thriving  strengths based organization


 Find hidden talents and skills that are not being utilized.  Ignite an inspired and engaged culture that takes your  company to the next level

Mindfulness is considered to be a “parsimonious intervention” by Good et al. (2016) as the benefits to workplace functioning is wide spread including attention, cognition, emotion, behavior, and physiology (Lyddy & Goode, 2017).


       Conscious Corporate Cultures was born out of a passion to empower professionals to say yes to stress, optimize at work, and be a superhero in their life. 

Our dynamic synergy team brings the perfect balance of research and experience in mindfulness and flow to your workplace, providing motivation and training for employees and leaders to reach higher levels of workplace success. 

Our mission is to create mindfulness based cultures of intrinsically motivated, highly focused employees who are passionate and engaged at work and love what they do.


We offer Elite Synergy Strategies to empower you and your company to ignite a workplace environment of reward and productivity in the most effective, efficient way possible.

We provide training and actionable steps to assess and utilize the strengths of your organization with a focus on growth mindset, adding authentic leadership and enhancing mental wellness for happier, more productive teams. 

We show you how to have your cake and eat it, with work/life balance strategies that can shift you and your company from surviving to thriving. 

Mindfulness in the workplace has a positive impact on employee well-being and organizational attitudes and impacts turnover, commitment (Zivnuska et al., 2016) and job performance elements such as vigor, dedication, and absorption (Dane & Brummel, 2014) along with work engagement (Leroy, Anseel, Dimitrova & Sels, 2013).


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